The New Year’s Post

January 1st, 2015

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Today is the official day of new years resolutions, new year/new me posts, yearly gratitudes, yearly recaps, “see ya 2014”, “bring it 2015,” and similar scripts revealed on all forms of social media. And honestly, I effing love it. Good for people! You preach your truth! And if social media is the outlet to share, then work it sista/brotha.


Here is my mini-truth.


2014 was one helluva year for me. The ups far outweighed the downs—a ratio I like to stick with. SO many damn good things happened!  But there were some epic low points that royally sucked.  Scream-cry sucked. Drink-a-bottle-of-wine-without-hesitation-sucked. But from those low moments, something cool happened that hadn’t happened in about 5 years: I was propelled to start living my life—my entire life—based on passions and not on an external win that was fleeting. I basically said – fu*k it, I’m going to create my life around what makes me happy. I’d been trying to do this for 5 years, but external noise got in the way. The “should’s” got in the way.


So I made some bold changes. Based on desires, wants, and passions. And coincidently, talent.


I wanted to start my own company ( – a place of business I actually could believe in.


So I did. I’m scared every day, but the fear pushes me.


I wanted to finally finish my book, something that I hope will inspire others.


So I did. People may love it, people may hate it, but that fear has already been overruled by the fact that- hey, I wrote a book.


I wanted to teach more yoga, so I made it happen. I wanted to start creating special events where people would go and be so happy- and that happened too!


The moment I stopped giving into the external and instead followed my heart, life got a whole lot more fabulous. Instead of settling for mediocrity, I chose joy. I am now living an authentic life based on passion. I see possibility in everything. 2014 was the building year for this, and 2015, as overused as this may be this time of year – BRING IT.


For my amazing DZ readers, make it your year. Regardless of cliché or not, there is new energy with a new year, so cash in on that. Be grateful of those moments that shaped you in the past year, and use it as a tool to better yourself. List your passions. Consider your desires always. Do more of what you love. Live with a touch of fear guiding you to greatness. And leap into your greatness.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love, Ang xo

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