Dramatically Zen

The Book

“Straightforward, Friendly, Relatable, Inspiring”

Life has a tendency to ebb and flow. In the ebbs, we’re able to find our true character and inner strength.

This was the case for Angela, a wedding planner from Niagara’s wine country, who within the course of only a few months, was struck with one bad thing after another – her beloved grandfather passed away, her parents got separated, her dad had a heart attack, and, in the midst of the economic crisis, she lost her job.

Through sheer willpower and positive thinking, Angela devised a plan to get out of a negative space and onto a path of following her dreams. So what did she do next? Drank a bottle of wine and booked a one-way ticket for Thailand set to leave three weeks later.

What happened next was better than Angela could’ve ever imagined.

Backpacking for the first time, Angela (the antithesis of a backpacker) embraced an open mind and loving heart approach to the challenges and experiences she faced during her three months abroad. From losing her luggage to scuba diving to full moon parties to becoming friends with a koala bear and more, Angela was able to extract a different life lesson from each experience she encountered, and transformed it into a relatable call to action you can apply in your day-today life.

Come join Angela on her inspirational journey through Thailand, Australia, and Bali. Dramatically Zen. It’s not just a book, it’s a lifestyle.