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November 15th, 2015
Dramatically Zen

“To me, being Dramatically Zen is an honest definition of how life works out. Sometimes things don’t go as planned in our quest for personal enlightenment. We encounter roadblocks, confusion, and randomness. I accept and embrace this and, as a result, my life is always interesting. I’ll never be an even keeled person who isn’t affected by emotions. I’ve always been, and always will be, a dramatic and fun-loving individual who seeks out the magnificence in the world, aspires for peace, and dreams as big as I possibly can.”

On October 1st, the realization of that dream I set for myself years ago came true, at my first official launch for my book, Dramatically Zen! Friends, family, local entrepreneurs, and even new supporters I’d never met joined me for a sold-out event at Henry of Pelham Winery, and helped celebrate the release of the book I’d spent so much time, energy, and especially love on, and for that I am living in a suspended state of gratitude. Over 125 people showed up with smiles and positive words, and made me happier than I had ever felt in a professional capacity. I did it! I finally published my book!

To keep the momentum alive from my successful launch party, I traveled to Bali for three weeks in October to do grass-roots promotion of Dramatically Zen to potential international readers (and of course, to celebrate my honeymoon!). The divine timing of the release of my book and my return to Bali couldn’t have been more perfect, so I maximized on this unique opportunity being there. I taught yoga at one of the resorts featured in my book, and met with a community workspace and many local entrepreneurs, as a means of sharing the positive messages of my Dramatically Zen brand. I made profound personal connections across the globe (stay tuned for a blog on this!), and now I’m focused cultivating these connections across Canada.

Later this month, I have two more book events planned: one in Montreal on November 25th at a super-chic restaurant called L’Atelier d’Argetinine, located on Crescent street. The other next on Saturday, November 28th in Ottawa at Pure Kitchen Ottawa, a marvelous vegan/vegetarian restaurant whose intrinsic values encapsulates some of those mentioned in DZ. A little dramatic followed by a little Zen as I make my way North East. Just the way I like it!

With Dramatically Zen being out for nearly two months now, I want to thank my early DZ tribe for cheering me on for this dream of mine. Through your encouragement and support, you are bringing me closer to my next goal: 10,000 books by April!

I will now be using this website as a platform to share more messages about the Dramatically Zen brand news, experiences, and themes inspired throughout the book and more!

Namaste and Cheers my friends,

Xo, Ang

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