9 Simple Ways to Start Your Morning With Magic

December 3rd, 2014
Ang At the Cottage

A magical morning

Oh Winter. Well, not even winter yet. Oh late Fall. Morning darkness, colder temperatures, and sort of gloomy all around. The natural morning grouchiness many of us are susceptible to, compounded with this time of year, makes the simple action of getting out of bed and attacking the day a chore.


I am not a morning person. At all. I tend to stay up late and watch House Hunters International or Hawaii Life. So, Ang + morning + winter (slash late Fall) = pandemonium. I doubt Beyonce wakes up like that.


I’m pretty sure that for most of us, leisurely staying in bed ‘til afternoon isn’t really an option. What is an option, however, is changing the way we approach these murky mornings. Instead of waking up with the overwhelming desire to go back to bed for 2 hours, rather, we can inject a little magic into our mornings! We can begin our day with optimistic intention.


dance it out


This morning, while embracing my inner Beyonce and starting my day with conviction, I brainstormed a list of things that I do on a not-so-regular but should-be-regular basis that enhances my day right from the start.


Here are a few fun suggestions to start your day with magic!


  1. As soon as your alarm goes off, wake up immediately—no snooze button! A snooze button is simply procrastinating the inevitable. Resisting this urge takes disciple and effort, so by refusing this temptation to sleep an extra 6 minutes, you already reap the reward of accomplishment. Instead of setting the tone that you don’t want your day to start, attack the day with vigor and excitement!
  2. Meditate. When you first sit down to meditate, you notice how cluttered the mind can be—even first thing in the morning. Take a few minutes to sit, breathe, and empty your thoughts. You have created positive space for your mind to function within as the day goes on. Yeah!
  3. Express simple gratitude. Easy example: brew yourself a pot of coffee and savour the aroma filling the air. Pour the coffee into your most fantastically fun coffee mug. Embrace each sip like the coffee beans were ground fresh in front of you by a Colombian Prince and percolated to perfection. By over-dramatizing your coffee-drinking experience, you can feel gratitude for such a simple but appreciative action!
  4. Make an elaborate breakfast that is Instagram-worthy (and try to give yourself time for this!). At this point friends, I think it’s a known truth that starting your day with breakfast is the healthiest thing to do for your body. While enjoying an elaborate egg dish that is so delectable you want to photograph it, you know your morning’s momentum has started properly!


    Yummy Huevos Rancheros – always a good idea

  5. When you finally dress for success and leave for work, make the short trip from your house to your car an epic mode of travel. Walk backwards, click your heels in the air, do the grapevine… do something so random that it shakes your comfort zone into your comedy zone. And perhaps create some key entertainment for the neighbours!
  6. When you step outside, look up at the sun or the rain or even the snow and smile. Breathe in the fresh air- you are alive! Being outside and taking in the renewing energy of nature is a sure way to feel magical.
  7. When you are in your car, blast your favourite old school song where you can take pride in knowing that you can still recite all the intricate rap lyrics to a tee. Music generates positive energy, and singing (or aggressively rapping) only elevates your spirits!
  8. Participate in a Random Act of Kindness. My favourite example: buy coffee for the person in line behind you at your local Tim Hortons. You will feel like a Santa Claus-like ninja driving away from the scene!
  9. In your smart phone, set notes for yourself throughout the day that will motivate you, make you laugh, or remind you to express gratitude. I love doing this the night before, and when the note pops up mid-morning the next day, it’s a happy surprise and always makes me smile!



I guarantee that if you implement one or two of these strategies in your morning routine, your day will be more energizing, more productive, and truly more enjoyable. It takes a simple shift in the way we do things that can yield monumental results, we just need to surrender our limited thoughts and embrace the magic our day can take.

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